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Petprosperous have in fact started since 2008 as a home groomer but were always by word of mouth, human to human recommendations and definitely no advertising.

Being a little girl at I found my passion with animals, I could never absorb any information from my textbooks when I was in school but surprisingly I could read the whole of animal encyclopedia instead! My passion grew strong and as usual every parent worry for their children. They did not think that as a little girl my goal would have remain as I grow. At some point of time, I thought so too but this passion of mine is way too strong to be discarded. And so the journey begins!

Our formula have been modified and improved over the years then stabilized throughout this few years.

Over the years of grooming. Petprosperous products have helped many furkids in their road to recovery. Providing spa for different furkids with different needs. Our grooming regulars are now pretty full thus suggested that Petprosperous products should be launched in the market to help more furkids in need or just for maintenance without potentially harming them with nasty chemicals.

Petprosperous products aim to help build trust and bond between owner and their furkids, maintain your furkids general wellness and each product is targeted to also help improve the conditions of your furkid. Providing maximum comfort and relaxation without straining your pockets.

We do not scrimp and save on our ingredients and packaging. We only use high quality and mostly organic ingredients in our products and are definitely natural and chemical free! Our blends are all stored in high-quality dark glass bottle to protect the product and also preventing contamination.

Your furkids deserve the best in our opinion!

Like I'll always say "I would rather starve to provide the furkids the best".