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  • Product Code: IMMUNITY PROTECT sea salt spa
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200g : $65

(Spoon included)

Who is this blend suitable for?

For dogs with ~

- Frequent Vomiting

- Cough / Flu

- Viral Infections

- Depression

- Immune Deficiency

- General Weakness

- General Loss of Energy

- Respiratory Infections

Why is this blend suitable for them?

- Fights Infections

- Clears confusion

- Anti-Inflammatory

- Soothe pain

- Calm nerves

- Comfort & Relaxation

- Anti-bacterial

- Increases Oxygen to the Brain

Why Choose Us?

- Our products are Non-toxic

- Gentle & Safe for pets

- 100% Natural and Highest Quality ingredients Only!

If you check out our ingredient list below we don't scrimp and save on our Essential oils!

A 5ml bottle of high quality just only the Melissa essential oil would easily cost more than $200 per bottle and that is just only 1 item from our ingredient so trust us when we say we only provide you with the best! Always Remember, many essential oils on the market have been adulterated! Therefore many of them are extremely cheap. But please do not risk the health of you and your furkids just because of cost savings! We only provide you with the best quality!

How to use?

- Shower & Shampoo(Optional) you furkids as per normal

- Prepare the sea salt spa in a tub or sink ratio of 1 mountain spoonful to 1Litre of Water (Use only warm water)

- Soak your furkid in Spa water for 15-20minutes or until the water turns cold.

- Lightly rinse your furkid with clear water after the spa.

As easy as that!

Immunity Protect Salt Spa

Ingredients - Organic Lavender Essential oil, Organic Chamomile Roman essential oil, Organic Orange sweet Essential oil, Organic Frankincense Carteri essential oil, Spearmint essential oil, Fennel Sweet Essential oil, Organic Vetiver essential oil, Eucalyptus Radiate essential oil, Thyme essential oil, Organic Melissa Essential Oil, Steam Distilled Lemon Essential oil, Organic Cedarwood Atlas Essential oil, Organic Aloe Vera Extract, Mediterrean Sea salt, Dead sea salt.

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