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Heal Me Now Spray Blend

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100ml - $39.90

100% Safe, Natural, Gentle & Most importantly chemical free!
Perfect for Humans too!
✔Natural Remedy
✔No more high vet bills

Suitable for dogs with :

✔Skin Problem
✔Bacterial Infections
✔Fungal Infections
✔Hot spots
✔Biting/Chewing Paws or Body
✔Frequent Scratchers
✔Bald Skin Patches
✔Tummy Upset
✔Cuts & Wounds
✔Just for Relaxation

How to use?

Apply on dogs Wound, cuts, hotspots, bruises, Bald skin patches, injuries, tummy upset. Spray directly on affected areas or spray on palms before applying on your furkid, every 4-6hours or as often as you like / necessary.

Ingredients - Organic Lavender essential oil, Organic Geranium Egyptian essential oil, Organic Niaouli Essential oil, Organic Helichrysum Italicum essential oil,  Organic Blue Yarrow essential oil, Organic Chamomile German essential oil, Organic Chamomile German C02 essential oil, Organic Marjoram sweet Essential oil, Organic Frankincense Carteri essential oil, Organic Melissa Essential oil, Organic Blue Tansy essential oil, Organic aloe vera extract, Organic Melissa Hydrosol, Organic Chamomile Roman hydrosol, Organic fractional coconut oil.

PS. Do not use on pregnant or lactating dogs or puppies under 2 months of age.

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