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  1. General information

    Can my puppy use your products?

    All puppies above 2 months of age can safely use our products!


    Why are your products so expensive?

    Our costing are very high. Our products are 100% natural and chemical free. We do not use artificial fragrance. We only use the highest quality and mostly organic ingredients. We do not Scrimp and save on our ingredients nor packaging. Ensuring we give your furkids the best we give our own! We care for your furkids wellbeing more than anything else! Our furkids won't live as long as us, we believe in only providing the best!


    I heard that citrus essential oils are phototoxic, why do you still have them in your ingredient list?

    Our citrus essential oil is steam distilled and is safe to use on your furkids skin under the sun. The component that causes photosensitivity is removed when the essential oil is steam distilled, unlike cold press citrus essential oil.

  2. Sea Salt Spa

    Will your spa range products heal my dog?

    Our spa is not a miracle product. Results are subjected to each and individual furkids. Our spa products are not medication as well. A holistic approach doesn't mean that feeding your furkids junk food and giving them spa would make them recover. It takes time and efforts to make your furkid feel better again.


    I want to keep my dog away from flea and ticks but my dog has other problems as well, can I mix the different spa products together?

    Yes, you can mix different spa products together. But it's best if you only use a single type at a time, as our products are specially formulated for a reason. Most importantly our all spa products can prevent flea, ticks and other insects as well. So there is no need to mix them together.


    My dog has a bad odour, will your spa make them smell good?

    All our spa products have a natural soft floral scent and definitely smells good! But sometimes odour comes from the internal system because of certain health conditions or improper feeding etc. Our products will certainly make a healthy furkid smelling so good you'll feel like hugging and kissing them daily!


    My dog hates showers! How will I be able to make them sit still in spa?

    Our spa products have calming and relaxing effects on your furkids. Don't be afraid to try it out. Many of our grooming clients hate showers but simply love our spa. Who knows adding spa to your furkids shower time would also make them look forward to their next tub time! Also building lots of trust and bond between you and your furkids!


    What if my dog drinks the spa water?

    Although ingesting some of the spa solutions will not harm your furkids, but please do not feed them the spa solution as it is not for consumption. Our products are meant for external use only. Occasional accidents are safe and will not harm your furkid.


    What if my dog rejects the spa? 

    Be patient and slow! We don't expect them to understand what you are providing to them over a short span of time! Softly talk to your furkids, give them assurance and security. A step at a time! We don't expect all furkids to be a natural relaxer!

    What tub size should I use?

    Preferably a tub just fitting for your furkids with less or no additional spacing after your furkids are in the tub. This is to provide them with maximum security as they would not be sliding all around the tub!


    How would I know which blend should I choose for my dog?

    Descriptions are written on each of our products. Please read and understand them before you make your purchase! If still unsure you can leave us an msg/WhatsApp at 91915663 and we are more than happy to assist you in picking the right blend for your furkids!


    My dog has an open wound, can I still use your spa product? 

    Yes, you could, for the minor injury, skin tear, bruises, cuts, skin problem. For major big and deep wounds please visit your vet!


    What if my furkid has skin irritation after using the product? 

    Please stop using immediately and rinse with clear water. Visit your vet if necessary.


    Why do I have to rinse my dog lightly with clear water after spa?

    It is to avoid your furkid licking on the salt solution, and drying out the skin with leftover salt residue after the spa!


    Will the smell disappear after rinsing off the spa solution?

    No. Your furkids would still be happy and smelling fabulous afterwards!


    How much sea salt blend should I add into the water?

    We recommend 1-2 mountain spoonful to 1 litre of water! Spoon is provided!


    How often should I give my dog spa?

    Preferably once a week. For serious skin condition or serious problems. We recommend 2 times a week or as often needed! Our spa is 100% natural and will not damage your furkids skin and coat

  3. Spray Blends

    How do I use Scare the crawlies spray blend?                    

    We recommend spraying the solution on your palms, putting your palms together lightly and slowly work the solution through your furkids coat paying more attention to the paws, under the chin, under belly and the butt. Or you can directly spray our products on your furkids coat. Avoiding the eyes, nose and mouth. Every 4-6hours outdoors or when needed.


    How do I use Heal me now spray blend?

    We recommend spraying it on your palm and applying the solution with your fingers to the affected areas. Or you can spray directly on affected areas. Every 4-6hours or as often as necessary(Please keep your hands clean before applying)


    How do u use Calm me down spray blend? 

    We recommend spraying the solution to your palm putting ur palms together lightly. Then slowly applying it throughout your furkids coat! Use 20-30 minutes before or in stressful situations. Or use when needed!


    When should I use heal me now spray blend?

    You can use the Heal Me Now spray blend for bacterial infections, yeast, cuts, wounds, bug bites, fungi infections, skin problems. Just to name a few. Or simply just using it as a daily relaxing natural perfume for your furkids! Please visit our product page to find out more. If still in doubt please contact us! Ps. Works well for humans wounds and eczema too!


    When should I use Scare the Crawlies spray blend?

    You can use the Scare the Crawlies spray blend for prevention of flea, ticks, ants, mosquitos just to name a few. Or simply just using it as a daily relaxing natural perfume for your furkids! Please visit our product page to find out more. If still in doubt please contact us! Ps. Works very well on humans which are mosquitos magnet as well!


    When should I use Calm Me Down spray blend?

    You can use the Calm Me Down spray blend for separation anxiety, motion sickness, hyperactivity, fear aggression etc. Just to name a few. Or simply just using it as a daily relaxing natural perfume for your furkids! Please visit our product page to find out more. If still in doubt please contact us!


    What if my dog licks the product after application?

    Our spray blends are 100% natural and safe to be licked after application!

  4. Paw Moisturizer

    Will your paw moisturizer leave greasy stains on the floor after applying?

    No, our paw moisturizer is fast absorbing and will not leave greasy stains on your flooring!


    How much should I apply at a time?

    Only a thin layer is sufficient! A little goes a long way!


    How frequently should I use it?

    1-2 times a day is good!


    What is my dog licks the paw after application?

    Our products are 100% natural and safe. It's ok for your furkid to lick their paws after applying the solution.


    Can humans use the product too?

    Yes! Definitely! You'll be amazed at the moisturizing effects after applying our moisturizer! It leaves your smelling good too!

  5. Retailers & Groomers

    Pet Groomers

    We welcome pet groomers who are interested in bringing in our spa products for your spa services. Please contact 91915663 and we will be glad to assist you!



    We welcome all retailers, be it online or shop base! We are happy to assist you in carrying our product for sale! Please contact 91915663 and we will be glad to assist you!